Profiting From Private Prisons and the Immigration Link

Writing in 2012 concerning how the private sector profits from the privatization of prisons, Caroline Glesmann and Chris Hartney offered a glimpse at the increased linkage between punishment and immigration in the race to incarcerate and the privatization of prisons.    After having presented troubling abuses taken place in private prisons, they turn their attention to immigration detention centers. They said, “The conditions at immigration detention centers operated by for-profits are equally troubling, especially given estimates that about half of all immigrant detainees are held in private facilities.” Sociologist Juanita Cotto-Diaz has pointed out in various of her writings the ways in which how we punish and the conditions of our prisons reflect our society. If we grant Cotto-Diaz position, it is not surprising to see not only the increase of the moneytization of prisons and thus, the outsourcing of the government’s responsibility to its citizens as it pertains to “law and order” but that a hot-button policy issue like immigration is dealt with in the same fashion.  In fact, we should question whether,  law and order’s effective transubstantiated into “money and dis/order” is roadblocking effective comprehensive reform.  

See Cotto-Diaz profile at: (  

Profiting From Private Prisons and the Immigration Link


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