Conflations: Servi-ce/tude

The curious thing about ideological constructions about criminality as activities attached to particular bodies (colored) and not others (white), as how some bodies should be punished and others excuse fo disciplinary technologies find ways to move through cognitive schemas that fuel larger national cognitions. The “cease and desist” pronounced in this image in connection to concerns raised regarding inmates’ living conditions, shows various scenes of soldier’ living conditions in Iraq but no such scene from Tent City Prison in Arizona, punctuated by a “Stop!” The “Stop!” tells critics that soldiers’ are uncomfortable in the field. Does this mean to implied that a we should bow to a heroic understanding of service and, if we don’t like what we see, don’t require such sacrifice? Probably not, but it might be possible.   

A more critical question seeks to surface, the question: what does being in servitude and bondage has to do with soldiers’ carrying out their military service? Nothing.

Conflations: Servi-ce/tude


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